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BN too teaches 3 bad things - sex, lies and videotapes

YOURSAY ‘Umno-BN teaches us that debts do not have to be settled, bad deeds can be covered up and promises need not be fulfilled.'

Najib says Pakatan teaches people three bad things

your sayNot Confused: I am absolutely speechless at the crass, hypocritical and pathetic rambling of the PM.

Does he seriously think that we buy his utter baloney? Debts repaid? Really? Promises kept? Really?

Good deeds? Oh, here he means giving away cash and goodies in the forlorn hope that he will hoodwink the rakyat into continuing to support his bankrupt regime.

Peacemaker: PM Najib Razak - answer the Ampang LRT allegations/Scorpone deal. Are you setting a good example?

Why not give free education as suggested by Pakatan Rakyat? Why is the cost of medical care escalating and the private hospitals are raking in profits?

Why not reduce the price of RON95, too? Didn't you lie about Bersih 3.0 being a coup attempt? You failed to initiate any action on the butt exercise issue - is that Malaysian culture?

Failing to taking the appropriate action is viewed as acceptance. How about the lies published by Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian and other mainstream media?

KKCheong: And BN at least also teaches three bad things to the people - sex, lies and videotapes.

Rakyat Malaysia: Evidently, three bad things that Umno-BN teaches us are that debts do not have to be settled, bad deeds can be covered up and promises need not be fulfilled.

Anonymous #43051382: The three bad things sound very familiar. They are not practised by Pakatan Rakyat but they have been Umno's practise for the past 50-plus years.

Multi Racial: There's no denying there could be some Pakatan politicians who are bad. The good news is most of them have left Pakatan.

But it is a fact that BN, particularly Umno, did bad things or encourage others to do bad things. What Perkasa did was obviously encouraged by Umno. What the police did during Bersih 2.0 and 3.0 were obviously bad.

What the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) did to Teoh Beng Hock was evil. What the police did to A Kugan was evil too.

What Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan did was shameful. What they did to Altantuya Shaariibuu was clearly evil. Who is bad now?

Ksn: Come on Najib, you can do better than that. Yes, Pakatan promised many things just like Umno Baru-BN, but those promises are contingent on winning the elections and capturing Putrajaya.

You are controlling the federal funds and do not even give the Pakatan MPs their grants like you do to BN MPs to spend for their constituencies.

You can question them about unfulfilled promises when they take over the federal government. So will the people. Be sure about that as the people will hold them accountable.

Why are you, Najib, not giving the petrol royalty due to the Kelantan state government like other states and they have to resort to suing you for their legitimate claim?

Kindly do not talk to people as though they are not informed and knowledgeable about these matters. Is it not unfair, therefore, to accuse Pakatan of not keeping their promises?

UMNO_NoArm_NoBalls_Frog: Umno teaches only one bad thing: if you are corrupt, make sure Umno is backing you...

Buddyoo: "Let's not make a mistake. If we do, we will lose the blessings we now enjoy."

They are enjoying the good life but we are stuck with all kinds of corruption, a police force/government that tells people the crime rate has gone down but crime still happens and most crime are not solved.

The police are always preoccupied with catching citizen for speeding, etc, but could not even catch a snatch thief most of the time.

ABBN: Najib, what do you teach? How to use C4 to blow up people?

And how to get commission for buying a submarine that can't submerge, a fighter jet without an engine, conspiring to rob Perak, rearing cows in condos, giving an LRT project to your cronies, having a most expensive wife at the expense of the rakyat, distributing the rakyat's money that doesn't belong to you to buy votes, turning illegal immigrants into phantom voters, having a conman son-in-law, cheating the Felda settlers, etc?

Mob1900: Here's our own promise to you, Najib and family - we will see to it you will be properly "rewarded for all your contributions to the country".

YF: Why is he referring to Umno? Umno people don't pay debts. Umno people are erasing from the history books every good thing that non-Malays have done.

Umno promises of equality is a farce like its 1Malaysia. So why is he incriminating himself and his corrupt party? This is weird.

Edge of Town: 1. Bad debts not settled - National Feedlot Corporation (NFC), 2. Good deeds forgotten - Kicking out Tunku Abdul Rahman and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (Pak Lah), 3. Promises not fulfilled - Genuine 1Malaysia.

Yup, all done by the opposition...   -mk

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