YOURSAY 'Let's reject the politics of gangsterism resoundingly at the next GE, and let the voice of civility, moderation prevail in the ballot box.'

Stones, eggs rain on Anwar's ceramah

Kairos: What is happening at the opposition ceramah is an extremely dangerous trend. If this is not checked at this early stage, it can mushroom to every ceramah, Pakatan Rakyat or BN, and anarchy will be the order of the day.

So far, the government has been conspicuously silent on such violent disruptions. This is very disconcerting because either it means that the government condones this kind of uncivilised behaviour or worse still, the government is behind it.

Either way, the government better do something to curb this worrying trend before it gets much worse and lives are lost.

Come on, stupid, say something! Better still, send in the police. I was taught that the police are trained to protect people, not beat them up.

Bert: As the days go by, we are having more and more gangsterism attacks against Pakatan ceramah. What has become of this nation?

What has the authorities got to say? Are they in favour of such intimidation and harassment?

What have you got to say, PM Najib Razak, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and inspector-general of police (IGP) Ismail Omar?

Are you in favour and supporting the violence? If this were to occur at the BN ceramah, the perpetrators would have been arrested there and then. Why the double standard?

Hang Babeuf: Once again, this is not just a recent development, nor a legacy of the Dr Mahathir Mohamad years.

I followed the 1969 election campaign in Kelantan under this kind of ‘rain'. A rain not of ‘daggers and spears', of ‘keris' and ‘lembing', but of eggs and rocks.

I used to wear a motorcycle helmet to protect myself from these authority-defending ‘projectiles' hurled in from the surrounding dark upon PAS meetings by the Umno Pemuda Tahan Lasak lads.

‘Authority-protecting' - that seems to go to the core of the matter.

This kind of violent excess, a descent into the official licensing and promotion of base thuggery, seems to be the characteristic response, and last desperate ploy, of Umno when its current ‘ruling formula/device' (then the Alliance, now BN) seems to be approaching the end of its useful, serviceable and publicly tolerable ‘shelf-life'.

Anonymous #40538199: When they failed to divide and rule the rakyat with race and religion, they resort to mob tactic to try to scare the rakyat into submission.

Don't let your children go near to organisations that embrace mob culture. They will turn your children into Hang Samseng.

Yellow Bird: As usual, silence on the MSM (mainstream media) front...

Paul Warren: History is ripe with incidents of this nature where those responsible for keeping the peace close an eye. When all hell breaks lose it would be the so-called peacekeepers who will pay the price.

Odin: Crushed bones and dead bodies more of a reality? In Ipoh yesterday morning, Nizar Jamaluddin (the Pasir Panjang assemblyman) went to the district police headquarters with his wife and three lawyers - at the behest of the police, of course.

He was being investigated under Section 505(b) of the Penal Code for making a statement "contributing to public mischief". This came after several people and NGOs had made police reports over a statement that Nizar made at a ceramah.

The particular statement gives us much food for thought; and judging by this episode as well as what has been happening lately, one would be inclined to suspect that it is not at all baseless.

At the ceramah, Nizar said that he had been informed that Najib had called the armed forces chiefs for a meeting and asked them whether they could do something if BN loses in the coming elections.

Vgeorgemy: Where are the religious leaders to declare a fatwa against such violence? All sleeping?

Lamborghini: This is a sure sign of desperation. It's so shameful that politics in Malaysia has descended to this gutter level where there is no more human decency, respect and civility left.

Those who do acts of this nature are really cowards and gangsters. We must not be intimidated by such cowardly hooligans.

Instead we must stand firm and act and pray that these cowards are exposed and punished, and those who send them or support them are voted out of power.

Lynn: What is it with Umno and stones and eggs? Is it because they have stones for hearts and eggs for brains?

On a more serious note, this really cannot continue. These idiots are really getting too much. They have lost their sense of Asian decorum.
Meanwhile, our leaders are maintaining their elegant silence over this unruly and unacceptable behaviour.

They don't realise that no matter how much they deny it, people will know the hooligans are getting instructions from the top and these monkey behaviour reflects the character of their leadership.

Anonymous_3f4a: Let's reject the politics of gangsterism, hooliganism and ill-mannerism resoundingly at the next general election, and let the voice of civility, moderation prevail in the ballot box.

The country can well do away with this brand of politics. Obviously, after 55 years of independence we have not progressed much under Umno-BN if such thug behaviour is any measure at all.

Anonymous_3e86: This is indeed a sign of great desperation by Umno-BN. They know the end of their reign is near - fast!

But they are desperate to hang on to power as their greed is insatiable. Now they employ thugs to harass the opposition and their supporters.

Joe Lee: What we are really seeing are the last gasps of a dying regime. But it is refusing to die, hence employing hoons and assorted gangsters to intimidate, and in this instance, to cause physical harm to people who do not support them.

And since Najib himself has said that he would be willing to see 'crushed bodies' in ruling regime's defence of Putrajaya, we can expect real serious violence in the months ahead.

Najib and Mahathir are petrified that they have lost Malay support; they know if they lose Putrajaya, they lose everything. Mahathir, the evil doer, will have to go to jail. And Najib may have to go to Paris to face the ghost of Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Malaysians, including the Malays, will need to see through a period of violence, before seeing off the worst regime ever. The funeral of Umno will be violent. That we can be sure of.

BTN: Najib, when are you going to speak out against such behaviour? We may have different allegiance, but that does not make us enemies.

This is where we require strong leadership to ensure democracy remains clean and healthy. Your silence smacked of mischief, and it's dangerous.